The benefits of using certain essential oils for solving certain beauty problems as well as for treating certain illnesses have become very familiar for many people. However, not many of us are aware that essential oils can also promote faster hair growth naturally. Discover which are the most best essential oils we can use to have longer strands naturally.

Hair growth is influenced by a variety of factors. Our diet, certain medication, stress, or genetics are all factors that can determine the speed at which our hair grows. There are several natural solutions that can be used to positively influence hair growth. The most effective steps that we can take are trying to improve our diet, boosting our vitamin intake, as well as doing our best to prevent the factors that ultimately lead to hair loss. In addition to these measures, using essential oils wisely can bring us one step closer to our goal.

The main reason why essential oils are so effective in helping us grow stronger locks as well as preventing and treating hair loss is that the powerful substances contained in them is able to penetrate the hair follicle, strengthening the hair shaft and diminishing the effects of certain unhealthy practices we normally use on a daily basis.

There are various ways in which essential oils can be used. They can be added to your shampoo or your conditioner, used together in various combinations or individually as long as you keep in mind that these mixes are extremely powerful so you should be very careful about the dosages you use. Here are the most effective essential oils that stimulate hair growth:

1.Chamomile oil

Chamomile oil has various beneficial functions on the hair. Aside from being an excellent conditioner for fine and normal hair, chamomile oil can be used to enhance blond highlights as well as to strengthen the blood capillary vessels that transport nutrients to the hair follicle, making it stronger and healthier.

You should use about 20 drops of chamomile oil to massage the scalp regularly. A mixture of chamomile oil and warm water will prove to be an excellent conditioner that will add a healthy shine to your tresses.

2.Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil has been used extensively for a variety of reasons: to boost mental acuity, to treat respiratory problems, as an effective mouth wash as well as for skincare. When it comes to hair care rosemary oil does a lot more than just stimulating hair growth.

Used regularly, it can even prevent premature baldness as well as helping you deal with dandruff effectively, being excellent for an oily scalp. Massage the scalp with rosemary oil and leave it to sit on the hair for at least one hour. Or, better yet leave the oil on the hair overnight and wash your hair in the morning just lie you normally do.

3.Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is also beneficial for treating dandruff, cleaning the scalp without letting any greasy residue. This oil is extremely nourishing being ideal for treating damaged, brittle hair that tends to break easily. Jojoba oil is actually a carrier oil that stimulates hair growth by nourishing the scalp by providing the essential fatty acids that contribute to the health of hair. Combined with tea tree oil, jojoba oil can be used to combat hair loss.

4.Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil stimulates the blood vessels at the hair roots, promoting better circulation and can help solve a variety of other problems such as itchy scalp, head lice due to its strong antiseptic properties as well as helping to normalize the sebum production being an effective treatment for both dry as well as oily hair.

Peppermint should always be diluted before any treatment by using a carrier oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil or olive oil. Avoid using more than 5 to 10 drops at a time and ask for medical advice before using this oil if you are pregnant or if you suffer from gastrointestinal disorder.