Hair extensions are one of the most fabulous creations of the hairstyling industry. New technologies developed help damage the hairless and create gorgeous and natural-looking hairstyles. Find out how to care for your hair extensions so your new hair will radiate beauty.
Proper hair extensions care is highly important if you wish to enjoy your lovely new hair length and hairstyle for long periods of time. Hair extensions can look absolutely amazing and blend in perfectly with the natural hair depending on the hair extensions type, application, and aftercare.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions represent the easiest and quickest way of adding instant length to any type of hair. Women have always loved long hairstyles as it seems that hair extensions are meant to offer the advantages of long hair without the long wait. Natural hair can take years to grow to a certain length and hair extensions come and save women from the dreadful wait.

Hair extensions can be of two types depending on what they are made out of. Hair extensions made out of natural hair are more appreciated than artificial hair extensions because of the quality and look received. Natural hair extensions can be cared for just like regular hair, washed, straightened, curled, and dyed so the possibilities of hairstyling are endless. Artificial hair extensions cannot be subjected to heat so heat styling is not an option as is dying the extensions. This is why most women don’t mind spending more money on natural hair extensions, so they can look absolutely fabulous while being able to style their new hair length differently every time they wish.

Hair extensions types and application
There are three categories of hair extensions:

strand by strand
weft extensions
clip-in extensions

1.Strand by strand extensions

Strand by strand extensions can be applied through different methods like gluing or clamping. Each method works by attaching strands of hair to the natural hair, close to the scalp so the extensions will not be visible. The hair strands should be in good and healthy condition to be able to withstand the extra weight applied to the hair.
Because people have different hair types and hair colors hair extensions are created to suit all hair types and hair colors available form blonde to red.
The hair extensions can be glued using a special glue gun which uses a certain glue that seals the extensions to the natural hair in a few seconds as it dries. Through clamping, a metal or plastic clamp is tightened around the ends of the extension and the natural hair to tightly bond them together. Women choose whatever method they are comfortable with as they offer the same lovely results.

2.Weft extensions

Weft extensions involve the attachment of a weft close to the scalp. A weft is similar to a curtain of hair that can be applied from one part of the head to the other by different techniques. The weft can allow small strands of hair to penetrate it and be clamped to hold it in place. Another method to apply a weft is by making a thin hair braid going from one side of the hair to the other and sewing the weft to the braid.

3.Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest to use and harmless hair extensions of all. They can be applied and removed in a split of a second as they are applied using a hair clip. The extension is simply clipped in the hair and the result is instant.

4.How to care for hair extensions

Artificial or synthetic hair extensions require more attention and finesse during care due to it’s synthetic fibers.

  • use a special shampoo to gently wash the extensions
  • don’t subject the extensions to heat styling as the heated styling tools might damage the extensions
  • blow-dry the extension using only the cold setting of the blow dryer
  • don’t dye the extensions
  • make sure not to tangle the extensions and brush the hairs gently using a wide-tooth comb

Hair extensions made out of natural hair can be treated just like your own hair.

  • use a mild shampoo or a special hair extension shampoo
  • apply conditioner only on the tips after each wash but don’t apply it excessively
  • make sure to untangle the extensions
  • use heated utensils to style your hair just as you regularly do on your hair
  • blow dry the hair after each wash