When it comes to their beauty, women tend to believe every myth especially if they talk about their hair. As hair is considered as one of the most precious accessories, we all want to keep it healthy and shiny, and this makes us fall in different traps. Let’s see what are the top myths about hair loss and find the truth behind them.

Our strong desire to look gorgeous all the time has sometimes a negative impact on our lives. We are so vulnerable when it comes to believing all beauty myths are said every day. However, we shouldn’t forget that we are different in matters of shapes and sizes, skin, and hair types. As hair is one of a woman’s best advantages, there have been created so many myths about it. In order to know which one is trustworthy, let’s take a look to the top myths about hair loss.

1.Frequent cuts make your hair thicker

This is not true at all. In reality, cutting your hair has no effect on hair thickness or growth. The truth behind this myth is that freshly cut hair looks more voluminous due to the fact that hair is thicker at the roots and thinner at the ends. Therefore, your hair will grow at the same speed as trimming the ends cannot affect hair growth or its texture. However, frequent trimming is necessary in order to get rid of all split ends and make your hair look healthier and shinier.

2. Nuts and cereal products make your hair more beautiful

This is totally true. Foods such as nuts, whole meat bread, or dry bread are rich in copper. Microelements regulate the metabolism and the energy cells of your hair. If your body has a copper deficit, your hair becomes fragile and thin. Moreover, nuts are extremely recommended if your hair lacks shinning. They are an important source of selenium, an essential element for a healthy scalp. Nuts also contain linolenic acid, Omega 3 fatty acids, and zinc. You should keep in mind that a deficit of zinc in your body can be a cause for hair loss.

3.Diets can only make hair lose energy

Yes. Diets poor in proteins affect the hair’s root. Proteins are essential in forming healthy and strong hairs. In the case of too restrictive diets, roots receive small quantities of nutritive substances. A healthy diet is very important, but if you don’t respect it, your hair is the one that might give you the first signs. What you need is a balanced diet rich in zinc, iron, and vitamin B. Therefore, you should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

4.Capillary massages stimulate hair growth

Yes. Massages stimulate the scalps’ irrigation and metabolism and stimulate hair growth. The hair roots receive more oxygen and normalize the activity of the sebaceous gland. Therefore, hair becomes silkier, shiny, and is stimulated to grow.

5. It’s normal to lose 100 hairs daily

Yes, this is true. At the scalp level, about 90% of all the hairs are in a certain moment in the growth phase, and the rest of 10-20% are in the resting stage. The growth period normally takes about two to six years, when your hair grows with approximately 1 cm monthly. After this stage, hairs enter in a rest phase for three-five months, and then they start falling, being replaced by new ones. We can lose between 30 and 100 hairs daily.

6. Frequent wash causes hair loss

This is not true. Is not the frequent wash that causes hair loss, but the shampoo you use that might be too aggressive with your hair. Taking into consideration your hair type, choose a mild shampoo for frequent use meaning that you can wash your hair every two days, or even daily. Moreover, the way you wash your hair might also cause hair loss. Pay attention not to rub it too hard when washing it and avoid using too hot water.

Revive your locks to maximum health with these tips.

  • You should take into consideration the fact that your hair loss might be caused by certain health problems. Therefore, you need to see a doctor and find out if the hair loss is not the result of the lack of vitamins and other important nutrients.
  • Pay a lot of attention whenever choosing the products you are going to use on your hair.
  • Get enough sleep as this provides the necessary nourishing elements your hair needs in order to be healthy. If you lack sleep, you’ll notice that your hair becomes more fragile and thinner.
  • Try to stay away from unhealthy foods, alcohol, and smoking as they affect your health and hair condition. Smoking takes away some nourishing elements that your hair needs.
  • Try to keep a positive attitude and avoid stress as this can damage your hair and finally cause serious hair loss.