When pregnancy occurs it is best to take action as soon as possible to give the unborn baby the best start in life, or to decide what to do with the pregnancy. Find out how to determine an early pregnancy by guiding yourself after the most common pregnancy symptoms.

Women have always looked for early pregnancy symptoms whenever suspicion of pregnancy crossed their minds. These symptoms are indeed experienced by most women but that doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot by symptoms to different health problems. Some women do not experience any of these symptoms so these symptoms are only meant to determine your turn to a gynecologist or pregnancy testing for accurate pregnancy determination.

7 Most common early pregnancy symptoms

1.Tender breasts

Tender or increased size breasts are one of the most common signs of pregnancy. When pregnancy occurs certain changes start to take place in the body to prepare it for transformations that will take place. The tenderness of the breasts is similar to the tenderness suffered by some women before their period.


Nausea caused without any reason especially in the morning can be an early sign of pregnancy as many women experience this symptom during pregnancy. This is indeed a sign that might be triggered by health problems as well, so one must be careful not to panic whenever nausea occurs.

3.Odor sensitivity

Odor sensitivity is also a common sign of pregnancy as women become more sensitive to certain smells. The scents appear to be more powerful and more disturbing, inducing nausea most of the time.


Fatigue usually occurs during pregnancy due to the fact that the body needs to adjust to the changes suffered by the body and all these changes take up energy, leaving you feeling drained of energy. This is a symptom that will not last for long as the body adjusts fairly quickly to the changes suffered by our body.


Spotting can occur about 10 days after the egg is fertilized and it is considered to be a normal process. The spotting can last up to two days but doesn’t occur to all women during pregnancy. Spotting can also be triggered by other hormonal problems so it is not only a pregnancy symptom.


Bloating is a pregnancy symptom which occurs due to the location of the uterus. Obviously this is a symptom that can occur after eating certain foods so it is not only a pregnancy symptom.

7.Lack of menstruation

Usually, after the egg, if fertilized during conception, the menstrual cycle is stopped. This is one of the most reliable pregnancy symptoms as lack of menstruation is most likely caused by a fertilized egg. Indeed menstruation can come later than expected due to certain hormonal imbalances. Some women still experience menstrual bleeding through their first months of pregnancy so try to keep track of your period as best as possible.

What to do in case multiple symptoms occur?

In case you are suffering from one or more of these early pregnancy symptoms or you simply suspect you are pregnant you need to take immediate action. Do not drink alcohol or smoke anymore and try to make an appointment with a gynecologist. A pregnancy test can also be of help as they can also confirm or infirm a pregnancy after a certain amount of time has passed from fertilization.

The pregnancy test will not offer you 100% sure results, the only one which can establish 100% sure if a pregnancy has occurred is a gynecologist so don’t hesitate to make an appointment whenever in doubt.