Daily responsibilities, low levels of energy, inadequate amounts of sleep as well as stressful events in our lives are among the most common reasons for fatigue. Most people experience occasional episodes of fatigue however cases of chronic fatigue are becoming more and more popular. Chronic fatigue can have serious repercussions over our health as well as the heath of others. According to the statistics, about 20% of car accidents are caused by fatigue. Which such staggering statistics it’s easy to see why we must learn to overcome fatigue efficiently.

Fatigue can be caused by several factors. Generally, fatigue is triggered by a combination of physiological and psychological factors. Daily demands combined with a series of unhealthy habits are usually the leading causes of fatigue. However, unexplainable fatigue can be a symptom that can signal a wide range of conditions. Chronic fatigue can be triggered by a variety of health conditions such as anemia, hypothyroidism, undiagnosed cardiovascular disease, diabetes, restless leg syndrome, arthritis, sleep apnea, urinary infections, or even certain food allergies.

If you experience unexplainable fatigue for more than a week, you should consult a doctor in order to rule out any medical condition that might be causing it. Identifying the causes of fatigue is vital in order to establish the course of action and to take the necessary corrective actions. Here are a few ideas to help you prevent and overcome fatigue:

1.Eat a healthy breakfast

The benefits of having a healthy breakfast each morning have been discussed for a long time. The most important meal of the day is also one of the surest ways to prevent fatigue. Your energy levels greatly depend on the quality of the food you ingest. Keeping the levels of your blood sugar steady should be your top priority so make sure you choose a breakfast that contains complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and some essential vitamins and minerals.

2.Make a few changes in your diet

Having small frequent meals throughout the day as well as choosing foods that have a low glycemic index can help us maintain our glucose in check, boosting our energy. Choose snacks that are rich in vitamins and that have decent amounts of fiber. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent choice.

Citrus fruit can increase your alertness both because of the high content of vitamin C and because of its refreshing smell which has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. A few pieces of dark chocolate can boost your energy as well. Replace coffee with tea: Most of us depend on caffeine to get energy in the morning and throughout the day. But coffee is addictive and can cause withdrawal symptoms and can raise our stress levels as a consequence. Black tea on the other hand has less caffeine compared to coffee and recent studies have shown that daily consumption of black tea can reduce the levels of stress hormones.


Nothing can boost our energy levels better than a session of exercise. Cardio exercises as well as interval training can boost our energy for the entire day especially if we schedule our exercise routine in the morning. Moreover, exercise helps regulate our blood pressure, which can be a leading cause of fatigue.

4.Create a sleeping schedule

It’s a well-known fact that the body needs about 7 or 8 our of sleep in order to function at its maximum capacity. But in order to have maximum energy, it’s important to respect our body’s circadian rhythm. Establishing a routine by going to sleep and getting up at the same time every day will help reduce fatigue.

5.Try aromatherapy and color therapy

Studies have shown that lavender can have a stimulating effect on our nervous system, increasing concentration. But the fact is that any of your favorite scents can have a refreshing effect on our mind and body because they promote a state of well being. Also wearing bright colors can help reduce depression and anxiety which are one of the main causes of unexplainable fatigue. Putting effort into our appearance can also increase our energy levels by boosting our self-confidence.


Maintaining close relationships with our friends and family can reduce our stress levels, therefore reducing mental fatigue. Since our happiness is closely related to the quality of the relationships in our life it’s only natural that our relationships have such a great impact on our energy levels. Make sure that you make your personal relationships a top priority since your personal relationship has the greatest impact on your happiness.