Baba Ghanouj mesmerized the world since its appearance and inspired some traditional cuisines to adapt it to their own specific methods and culinary accents. Since Italy has a notorious fascination for cooking vegetables and using them in as many of possible ways, it’s really no wonder that it embraced the tradition of one the most popular and traditional Arab dishes. Discover baba ghanouj – the Italian way.

Baba ghanouj (or ghanoush) is an Arab dish made of mixed and mashed eggplants. Very popular in Egypt, this dish gains an even more special flavor if the eggplants are baked over an open flame before they are cooked, so they retain a specific and delicious smoky taste. This light and delightful delicatessen is used in various ways, depending on the region where it’s prepared: in some parts of the world, it is seen as an appetizer, thus served as one – this is the case of Levant.

The Egyptians, on the other side, serve it as a side dish or even a salad (made of a blend of eggplants, onion, tomatoes). Baba ghanouj is also popular in many other countries, including Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria or Greece, countries which all call it, simply, eggplant salad. A very popular form is the Israeli one, now spread in many cuisines, which includes mayonnaise in the eggplant salad, and makes it more moist and delicious.

The Italians have their own recipe when it comes to baba ghanouj. Here are the necessary ingredients: