Breastfeeding remains the best method of feeding  your baby. Breastmilk has the essential nutrients which are required for your child’s development. However, moms are always apprehensive about how often to breastfeed their newborn baby. Every newborn has their own feeding habits, but they normally feed 8-12 times a day. They have their own ways of indicating their hunger. To judge the best feeding times and amount of feed required for your baby, here are a few things to realise.

Tips for Breasfeeding a Newborn Baby

  • Babies should be fed every 90-120 minutes. Particularly at night, you have to make sure that you feed your child in every three hours. Your baby shouldn’t be left without food for longer than four hours.
  • Breastfeeding mothers usually compare their baby’s diet with bottle fed babies. The fact is that breastmilk is easier to digest than the formula milk, so a newborn baby’s feed should be exclusively breastmilk.When to start you baby on bottle milk depends on the medical condition of your baby,so you need to consult your pediatrician about this.
  • Keep in mind to not feed your baby in excess. If you force your baby to consume, they may vomit. Your baby should look content after each feeding and it’s the easiest way to learn whether they are satisfied or not.
  • Also note that feeding your baby in a peaceful environment helps your child to increase their stomach capacity. Research also shows that in a quiet and concentrated environment, babies eat 25 per cent more than what they consume normally.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) promotes breastfeeding and also indicates that its best when the baby demands the feed himself. AAP also rejects the concept of scheduled feeding for newborns, so breastfeeding on demand should be promoted. Mothers should ensure that they only feed when their child demands.
  • If you see your baby sucking their hands, moving their head, crumpling their lips or opening their mouths wide, that surely indicates that your baby is hungry and it’s time to feed them. Mothers are generally advised to feed their babies when they observe their little ones with such signs of hunger.

Breastfeeding is a significant and imperative factor in your baby’s growth, so it stands to reason that you should know how to do it.  By observing your baby’s feeding habits, you’ll understand how to get the best out of feeding times in the future.