There’s nothing more delicate and tasteful as an appetizer when one’s guests are arriving than some baked oysters with egg. This recipe brings together the fine and delicate taste of oysters, with all their health benefits, and combines it with the art of contemporary baking.

Oysters have been, since their first discovery, a true source of inspiration worldwide. There are two kinds of oysters, pearls oysters and the comestible ones, which can be eaten in multiple ways, from cooked to raw. Even though oysters are considered the best and healthiest when eaten raw, mankind has developed, over years, many other ways to deal with them in the kitchen.

Oysters do not only taste delicious, but they are a remarkable source of minerals essentials to our health, just like selenium and zinc, rarely included in our daily foods.

Low in food energy and high in vitamin A, zinc, iron, selenium and calcium, the oysters can be boiled, eaten raw, steamed, roasted, smoked, baked or canned, and they even can be used in a large variety of drinks. No wonder that they are used in so many ways and included in so many recipes.
Oysters can be seven baked with eggs. This next gourmet recipe is about baked oysters with eggs, one great appetizer, and a delightful one.

For 4 portions, the main ingredients necessary or baked oysters with egg are: