When you reach your 40s, your skin undergoes relatively radical changes like an increased number of wrinkles – and deeper, too – as well as more pronounced skin discolorations from sun damage and loss of elasticity. These changes are caused by your body’s decreased collagen, elastin and sebum production coupled with dramatic slowdown in cell turnover rate. In turn, you must make certain essential changes in your beauty skin care regimen.

Keep in mind that natural skin care is still the best method to use in your 40s despite the claims of cosmetic surgeons and their Hollywood clients. Your mature skin is undergoing comparatively traumatic changes in its structure and adding trauma via needles, drugs and harsh chemicals can worsen its condition. Go natural and your skin will age gracefully, unlike the overly plasticized Hollywood celebrities.

With that being said, here are the most effective beauty skin care tips you can adopt in your 40s. First, start taking care of your skin from the inside out. The natural skin care regimen from your 20s and 30s is now much more important in your 40s and beyond. We are talking about:

 Getting sufficient hours of sleep because your skin needs to rest from the environmental toxins bombarding it.

 Exercising on a regular basis since ensuring good blood flow to the skin is essential. With good blood flow, your skin gets all the essential oxygen and nutrients to keep it looking radiant, healthy and supple.

 Adopting a healthy diet; the antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables will help fight the signs of skin aging.

 Managing your stress in a more effective way because the toll it takes on your skin shows up more, too.

Indeed, the best beauty skin care method must be based on the abovementioned healthy lifestyle habits. You must also always use sunscreen even on cloudy days because skin discoloration from sun damage shows up more, too.

As for your topical skin care regimen, we suggest switching to products with richer and creamier texture as well as products enriched with higher quantities of antioxidants like Vitamin C, A and E. We also recommend regular exfoliation to aid in faster cell turnover.

With the best in natural beauty skin care regimen, you can be the walking advertisement that, indeed, life – and beautiful skin – begins at 40!