The living standards of people have gone up in many parts of the world. But, surprisingly, the health standards do not match the improved living standards. Health problems have not only increased in the middle age group, they haven’t spared the adolescents even. One such problem that is increasing day by day is that of Juvenile Obesity.

This problem is mostly caused by overeating or by eating many more calories than your body is able to burn. So, it can also be said that the sedentary lifestyle of today’s teenagers is a major reason behind juvenile obesity.

Actually, what happens is that the extra calories are stored by our body in the form of fat. Over a period of time, this fat accumulates so much that obesity is said to set in a child. Obesity is a problem that can be easily detected, but unfortunately, it can’t be cured that easily. In fact, complete lifestyle changes are necessary to eliminate it. And this is a certainly very difficult thing for a teenager to do.

Obese children not only are unattractive (some people however find them very sweet and chubby) to look at, they tend to become storehouses of different kinds of diseases over time. These days, it’s not considered surprising if you find ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels even in juveniles.

So, what’s the solution then? The solution lies primarily with the parents. You as a parent ought to advise and persuade your child to eat less, join a gym, or practice other exercises like aerobics. If you feel that your child is not listening to you or is not able to change himself, go in for a good counselor. Tell your child the importance of looking good in the present competitive world of today. Make him understand that his obesity will not only make him a laughing stock of his peers but would damage the whole of his life.

There are certain cases of juvenile obesity that are a result of genetic factors and the life-style part has only a minor role to play. E.g. according to a study, if both the parents are obese, the child has 80-85% chances of getting obese.

In such cases also the parents have to encourage their child and cheer him up so that he is able to face the challenges of life with a strong heart. Otherwise, he may end up in depression or may suffer from other emotional disorders. Juvenile obesity, even when genetic and biological can be controlled to an extent, subject to the determination of the child and his parents.

Obese children are at great risk of developing breathing and orthopedic problems, even if they are fortunate enough not to fall prey to major ailments like heart diseases or diabetes. You, as a parent, ought to find sufficient time for your child, even if it demands a lot of sacrifice from you and your work.