When we talk about acne skin, we always think of all the lotions and potions and creams we can use for our skin care. However, there are 2 important Vitamins which people ignore or are not very familiar with.

Yes, Vitamin A and E have great advantages in the fight against outbreak or to curb acne skin in their tracks before it spreads further. For your skin care routine, it is crucial to include these vitamins to healthier skin as well as prevent acne from ruining your social life or your daily functioning.

Let us first start with Vitamin A.

Vitamin A and Acne Skin Care

Vitamin A is an enemy of acne because it helps to strengthen the protective layer of the tissues of the skin. It also helps in the reduction of oil in the skin which is one of the leading reasons for acne in the first place. Vitamin A is also known for its antioxidant properties. This helps the skin remove harmful toxins and free radicals. Carotenoids when combined with Vitamin A are very effective against acne.

Vitamin E and Acne Skin Care

Just like Vitamin A, Vitamin E is also an antioxidant. To be honest, it is not as powerful as Vitamin A but this too helps the skin to get rid of toxins which lead to acne in the first place but also reduce and clear up the existing acne. Vitamin E promotes the healing of the skin as well as tissue repair. This allows for the skin to be strengthened and prevent acne from becoming a pesky problem. Vitamin E also prevents the oxidation of lipids as well as the formation of free radicals.

At the end of the day, for effective acne skin care, both Vitamin A and Vitamin E are extremely important vitamins. It is always best to get professional medical advice to ensure that you are consuming the right amount as overdoing it can be equally harmful.