Creamy and delicious, gnocchi with broccoli, Portobello, and sage is a wonderful recipe easy to cook. Whether you’re expecting guests or you just want a little treat for your family or friends, this recipe has an intense aroma, due to a specific ingredient, sage.

Gnocchi is the Italian name for noodles and it means in Italian “lumps”. Among much other traditional pasta Italy is famous for, gnocchi begins its story since Roman times, as a Middle East influence. This thousand years dish was originally made from a porridge made of semolina mixed with eggs, and today its forms and tastes are of a larger variety. Included in many cuisines around the globe, these “noodles” or “dumplings” are cooked in many different ways, depending on the geographical area in the discussion.

Fresh, dried, or even frozen, gnocchi is nowadays available in every supermarket and continue to inspire recipes. They are still made of semolina, but other variants are also available: they can be made of flour, potatoes, or bread crumbs. One of the most amazing things about gnocchi is that they can be used as Primi Piatti (entrees), as minister (alternatives to the soup), or as pasta. This wide variety of purpose and shape is completed by the accompaniments that go with it: melted butter, cheese, pesto, or the classical Italian tomato sauce.

An interesting, traditional and tasteful recipe is gnocchi with broccoli, Portobello, and sage. This is an exquisite combination of freshness and energy, given by broccoli, aroma, and intensity, given by sage, an aromatic herb, Portobello mushrooms, large-sized mushrooms, with a distinctive musky smell, which can be cooked in many different ways.

This recipe serves 2 people and the necessary ingredients are the following: