One of Italy’s most famous cheese specialty, the gorgonzola cheese, has inspired over time, lots and lots of incredible Mediterranean recipes, including the gorgonzola soup. This is an excellent vegetarian alternative, and, most important, a very healthy dish. Discover Italy through one of the magnificent national recipes: the gorgonzola soup.

The famous Italian blue cheese, also known as gorgonzola, is made of either cow or goat milk and has a history dating back to the Middle Ages. The gorgonzola cheese takes its name from an Italian small town, near Milan, where it’s supposedly produced since 879. Since then, many variations of cheese have been produced, one of the creamier, the others firmer, still they all have in common the same Italian passion when it comes to producing incredible cheese. Consumed in many ways, gorgonzola is usually associated with pasta, risotto, or pizza. Gorgonzola lovers all around the world deeply appreciate this cheese’s taste and texture and never cease to create new and wonderful recipes including it.

The gorgonzola soup recipe is a rather special one, due to the gorgonzola’s frequent use mostly in other Italian dishes. A soup made of cheese might seem strange to some people, but, in the exquisite, inspirational Italian cuisine, it’s just another delicacy.

Usually recommended to be consumed with a simple green salad and with garlic bread, or croutons, here are the necessary ingredients to make it yourself in order to best taste Italy: