Body odor is usually affected by sweat glands in the body. It is unpleasant thing to have in the body which can disturb the social life. It is treated by wearing cotton clothes or using antiseptic soap or using deodorant. Avoid taking medicines unnecessarily but consume natural things or products and stay clean will help in fighting odor of body. Drink more water in summer to treat this problem. Consult doctor in case of need.

What causes body odor?

Serious illness also causes body odor. Infectious disease of liver, kidney problem is another cause of this ailment. Strong medicines can also create body odor. In diabetic patients insulin deficiency causes “fruity” or acetone breath.  Alcohol, smoking cigarettes or cigar give unpleasant odor in the body. A bacterium which is present in sweat actually gives odor. Excessive sweating underarms and in the groin area is another cause of it. Poor hygienic condition is the common cause of it. It has been proved by scientists that genetic causes also plays an important role in body odour.

Over-anxious or nervousness  is the main symptom of body odor. Strenuous exercise gives sweating, which create oder.


Bad body odour can be prevented with some home tips naturally. Try to use antibiotic soap or deodorant to treat body odor. Wearing cotton clothes in summer can soak up the sweat easily. Use white vinegar or alcohol to wipe away the armpit. Avoid excessive use of deodorant or antiperspirant because it can block sweat glands and use alum in place of it. Baking soda is applied on armpit because it can absorb sweat while killing bacteria. Consult the doctor if it is due to some medicines.

Tomatoes are good absorber of it and try to soak the body in the juice of tomatoes. Baby powder is good to solve this problem. Use apple vinegar cider to kill bacteria on the underarms.

Try to avoid foods like refined sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils and processed foods. Red meat should be avoided because it releases many toxins into blood stream. Fiber lacking foods is avoided to treat this ailment. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, cumin and garlic to keep away this problem.

Include foods like whole grains, lots of leafy vegetables, sprouts and fresh fruits, soy products, raw nuts. Avoid using unwashed clothes like undergarments especially in summer because it will virtually aggravate the condition. Try to wax the armpits frequently.

Foot odor is often complained and avoid wearing shoes  for long period. Excessive sweating helps in rapid bacteria growth which creates odor. Try to wear cotton socks and wash feet regularly. Use natural products in place of artificial products to heal this ailment. Natural deodorant is also available in the market. Tea made of sage herb can effectively treat it. Using wheat grass with water daily will reduce sweat problem.