Ear problem is a common problem of every body. There are numerous causes of ear ailment and it should be treated immediately to avoid serious problem later on. Earache, earwax, sore places in the ear and ear infection create serious ailment. An ENT specialist must be immediately consulted to treat ear ailment.

Ear starts giving more trouble in old age. There is wear and tear of ear and noise is the biggest enemy of ear. It damages the ear to harm the hearing. The noises of pneumatic drills on road works harm the ear. High volume music at home creates ear ailments. The disturbing noise of orchestras in the marriage party can cause damage to the ear. Shooting birds without wearing ear protectors causes deafness in the right ear.

People going in gym without putting ear plugs causes ear problems. Ear waxing in huge quantity creates ear ailments. Germ can create earache to get into interior of ear up to the tube from throat to the cavity of middle ear area. Outer ear inflammation is known as otitis externa is common in old age which can create itching, soreness and discharge from ear. Putting hairpin into ear causes lot of harm to the ear internally. It can even damage the interior part of ear without any further treatment of any sort.

Earache home remedies

Never use hairpins or other objects into the ear which can damage the delicate tissues of the ear.  An ENT specialist treats otitis externa to clean out ear and prescribe special drops.

As a home natural remedy garlic extract drops can be used to put into the infected ear. Olive oil drops can also  be put into each ear. Few drops of lobelia extract are dropped into ear to treat infected ear and rub gently. A natural antibiotic like colloidal silver is used to wash ear.

Try to take vitamin C to boost up immune system to fight against infection. Zinc intake can also be increased to reduce ear infection. Balanced diet with lots of calcium is good to keep ear problems away. Processed foods and hydrogenated oils must be avoided to keep ear healthy.

Infection in children is cured by encouraging breast feeding. Smoking can block eustachian tubes, avoid it. Avoid company of cold affected people and wash hands regularly. Try to avoid touching nose and eyes. Avoid toxins because it will harm the whole body system. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for body. Keep physical activities like routine exercises for at least thirty minutes to keep away diseases. Meditation and stress free life style is good for body and mind. Sweating is the best method to cleanse body to treat every organs of the body.