Sore throat is quite common problem. It is located in the portion around the tonsils. It can heal up without any complications but sometimes may develop into some serious problems.

It is commonly associated with common cold or influenza. Inflammation around pharyngitis or mucous membranes , pains, discomfort, scratchiness in the throat, difficulty in swallowing something makes it quite painful. Viral or bacterial infection causes sore throat. Bacteria responds to antibiotic while virus do not. Sore throat is also spread by sharing drinks, kissing, coughing, and nose blowing and sneezing.

Gonorrhea bacteria also causes sore throat which spreads sexually transmitted disease. Epstein-barr is a virus which causes sore throat. Inflammation of tonsillitis leads to damage to tonsils and is accompanied by fever and bad breath. Another factor that can cause it is glandular fever to affect glands of neck to create problem in properly breathing. Measles, breathing through mouth, allergies, chronic throat irritation, throat cancer, infection of mononucleosis can cause this problem. Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy also keep throat sore. Another cause is sinus drainage.


Pain in throat with hoarseness of voice, trouble in swallowing. It can be associated with runny nose and cough if cold virus is associated. Swelling of lymph nodes can also be seen with oropharynx redness. Tonsillitis with pus due to bacteria or virus. Problems in breathing due to narrowing of passage for air. Drooling and spitting are also important symptoms of sore throat.

Home remedies

To get rid of sore throat some home remedies are very effective. It is better to gargle with warm salt water.  Chloraseptic and lozenges give temporary relief from pain. Avoid this medicine for children. Gargle with basil boiled water or drink it to get healing, also drink plenty of water.

One should avoid caffeine. Take plenty of sleep for speedy recovery. Non steriodal antiinflamatory drugs can be taken as per physician’s advise. Take four cloves of garlic in one tablespoon honey, one tablespoon of cayenne, chew one spoonful before swallowing. Make tea of dried chamomile blossom to relieve it.

Make gargling water of fenugreek to give relief. Prepare a tea of lemon, apple cider vinegar, cayenne and honey to drink it twice daily to cure sore throat. Honeysuckle flower is rarely found but is very effective throat natural remedies. Marshmallow contains mucilage which can soothe the throat effectively. Extract mango bark by grinding it to gargle or take it in small dose twice daily with water.

Try powder cinnamon, mix it in pinch of pepper and honey and drink it to heal it.  Boil sage leaves in water and mix some vinegar and honey to gargle. Try to use tamarind boiled water to gargle to get desired result. Take well-balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed regularly to treat it.