Kidney stones can be extremely painful to deal with. Some women who have had kidney stones even say that the pain in their case was even greater than that of child birth. Whatever be the truth, one thing is for certain that kidney stones, if once developed lead to excruciating pain especially if treated at a later stage.

A very simple strategy to prevent kidney stones is to become an avid drinker of water. It has been shown that people who drink 10-12 glasses of water every day are less at risk of developing kidney stones as compared to other people. When you pass your urine its color should be clear rather than yellow. This indicates that you have drunk plenty of water.

In reality, if the kidney stone is ‘cystine’ it would just come out of your body via the urinary duct. Another fact that has come to light is the overuse or unapproved use of calcium supplements. Many people are under the misconception that calcium supplements will make their bones strong and so take them on a daily basis without asking their doctor.

Thus, avoid such supplements and allow your body to take calcium ‘naturally’ from the food/dairy products that you eat. It would be healthier calcium for you. In case you have had kidney stones in the past you better avoid food that is fortified with vitamins like Vitamin D. Fortified foods should be taken on medical advice only even if you experience general weakness.

Lemonade also helps prevent kidney stones. As a matter of fact, the chances of getting stones are inversely proportional to the presence of citric acid in your urine (with certain exceptions, of course). So, don’t go in for soft drinks and take help from the commonly available lemon.

Exercise daily or at least 4-5 times a week. An hour of exercise (walking, cycling, etc.) is ideal whereas half an hour will be enough to serve our purpose. You can also do pushups in small sets of 30-35 (2-3 sets daily) and you would be saved from devoting much time to exercise, in case you can’t find enough of it. You can even take resort to stair climbing. Even if you go up and come downstairs (say 25 in number) for 15-20 minutes, you can feel your whole body getting wet by sweat. It also does not take away much time from your busy routine.

Your high intake of salt is also to be blamed for the problem of kidney stones. Some people are in the habit of adding salt to processed foods even, despite the fact that they already contain enough salt and sodium. Also, develop the habit of eating food that is rich in fiber. The most common way is to eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables. Fibers keep our system healthy and don’t let toxins to accumulate in our bodies. They are beneficial in a variety of other diseases as well.