Smoking can create a lot of problem for the health. Many diseases like blood pressure, heart attack, eyes, nose, throat, lungs and skin will pose such problems in the body after smoking regularly. Smoking should always be discouraged and not to be used for the sake of fashion. There are some tips for the smoking quitters and they must have firm determination to quit it.

Have the Determination to Quit Smoking

It should be believed that one can quit smoking. Firm determination, guts and faith in ourselves is required to stop smoking. Nothing is impossible. We should make our own plan to quit it.

Benefits of Quitting

One must write down the benefits of quitting smoking for example to live longer, to feel better physically and mentally, for the sake of family, to save money, to smell better etc. One must put it on the paper and read it daily and regularly. Our family and friends should be quite helping in this decision of quitting. Make them aware that you might be a little bit irritable and even sometimes irrational to them in this process of quitting smoking.

Set a Deadline For Quitting

You must set a date for yourself that you will stop smoking. Make it point that you will celebrate the day on which you have decided to quit it for ever. Your doctor can also be your guide in this quitting. You should start practicing some exercises to support you to get relieved from any kinds of stress and your body may get recovery from years of damages. Start walking slowly twice a day and build it up to thirty to forty minutes rigorous activities later on. Deep breathing will be very beneficial in this quitting process. No exercise should be started without consulting the doctor.

Develop Visualization

It is better to develop your own creative visualization and see yourself throwing all the cigarettes away and winning a gold medal for doing such act. Try to cut back on cigarettes gradually and change your brands regularly to develop hatred for smoking. You should adopt a method whether to quit it abruptly or gradually and whichever is better for you. Make your teeth clean and enjoy the way your teeth look, to feel, to plan it, to keep it that way forever.

Keep Cigarettes Away

Try to drink lots of water to help you to flush out the nicotine and other chemicals from the body. Make it habit to hold some things in your hands and mouth to replace cigarettes forever in your life. Write an inspiring song or poem to make you quit smoking and read it daily and whenever your mind craves for cigarettes try to write it down the feeling of your mind on paper to boast up you to remain adamant on your decision. Your family or your important family friends’ pictures should always with you just to remind you about it. Plan it to celebrate your becoming a non-smoker with your family and friends.