Don’t you just hate it when your perfectly done makeup gets ruined by excess oil on your face in the middle of the day? Are you not tired of getting teased by your classmates or co-workers of how your nose and forehead always seem to shine in all the wrong ways and time?

There is no need to worry because you are definitely not the only one with an oily skin dilemma. In fact, 2 out of 3 girls suffer from oily skin. This dilemma commonly starts during adolescent years where hormones start kicking in and this may last for a long time depending on how well you take care of your skin and your diet of course.

The fact is our skin needs oil to be healthy. However, too much oil not only leads to shine but acne as well. Medical experts suggest keeping oil at bay to keep the skin healthy and blemish-free. It may sound like a hard thing to do. We all most probably have friends who battled with oily skin almost all their life. But the great news is that according to skin experts, oily skin can be perfectly resolved with the right kind of caring and products.

Here are the most effective ways of caring for oily skin as per the skin experts:

1.  Cleanse

Do not be lazy and make sure to cleanse your face day and night. This will ensure that the oil which has accumulated while you were sleeping is thoroughly washed out. Before you go to bed, you have to cleanse once again to remove all dirt and oil your skin might have accumulated during the day.

Contrary to what most people think, you do not need harsh soaps or cleansers if you have oily skin because this would only trigger oil production even more. Use a gentle cleanser that is suitable for oily skin. Choose cleansers that contain either one of these – beta-hydroxy acid, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid because they are good for oily skin and treats and prevent acne as well.

2.  Tone

Astringent contains harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin and increase oil production even more. Toners, on the other hand, are gentler and just right for the skin. Choose a toner that has oil-reducing properties.

3.  Moisturize

This is where most people with oily skin are mistaken. People with oily skin tend to stay away from moisturizers thinking it will only worsen their condition. This is wrong. The skin needs to be moisturized regardless if is oily or dry. For those with oily skin, choose oil-free moisturizers and watch your skin glow beautifully.

4.  Use Sunscreen

This is a tricky one since sunscreens are usually thick in texture and can block pores which could be problematic for those with oily skin. Choose an oil-free sunscreen in the form of gels or even foundation powders to still protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

5.  Regularly Use Masks or Clays

Masks and clays are designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin of deep-seated dirt and draw out excess oil from the skin. Skin experts suggest doing this at least once or twice a month depending on how much you expose your skin to makeup and other environmental irritants.

6.  Always Carry A Blotting Paper

This is a true must-have for any women today especially those who wear makeup most of the time. Blotting papers remove oil from the skin without totally drying it out. It works perfectly to remove the shine without ruining the makeup.

7.  Medicated Pads for Rescue

This pretty much works like blotting paper but they are medicated and contain either salicylic acid or glycolic acid to thoroughly remove oil. However, you cannot use these as often as you can with blotting papers.

Oily skin only becomes a problem when it is not taken care of properly. Be sure to follow the effective ways as discussed above and you should be on the quick road to healthy and glowing skin.