Natural skin care 

is obviously the best alternative to the man-made chemicals found in common department store skin care products.  Natural ingredients tend to soak into the skin and help to make us look better and feel healthier.  More people tend to have allergic reactions to harsh chemicals and preservatives used in conventional skin care products.

It’s not fun having to visit the doctor to try to get over some rash that formed when a preservative filled cream was applied to the face.  Avoid this by using fresh all natural ingredients that you can trust to treat your skin right.

Skin care

 product companies claim that the preservatives and chemicals are needed to keep the product fresh and free from bacteria and funguses.  Many natural ingredients will act as a natural preservative.  Even the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) warns that over-using the cosmetics on the market today will cause an adverse reaction with many at some point in their lives.

To see if an all-natural product will cause an allergic or adverse reaction, it would be wise to test a small area on the wrist or underside of an arm or even on the belly where it won’t be seen, to see if it will cause a reaction.  Apply it and give it a few hours to make sure it doesn’t cause itching or a rash.  If it doesn’t, then you will know it’s perfectly safe to use.

Many people are allergic to the fragrances added to products.  Fragrances in conventional products are normally made from chemicals.  Most natural products won’t have added fragrances in the ingredients.  Normally the natural smell is either barely there or it is a fresh scent.

Many natural ingredients found in all-natural products like coenzyme Q10, grape extracts, vitamin E, etc will not cause an allergic reaction.  These antioxidants are very good for the skin.  You may end up paying more for all-natural skin care over chemical-laden products, but it is an investment into the health of your skin and worth the price paid.  You will look and feel better for it.