The parmesan cheese bread can be the perfect match for a multi-mix salad and it’s a nice and easy recipe accessible to anyone. It combines the refined taste of parmesan cheese, mixed with the intense flavor of well-done bread, and it’s ready in no time!

Parmesan cheese has its origins in Italy, where it’s called Parmigiani-Reggiano, made of raw cow’s milk. This hard granular cheese has been mentioned in historical documents starting with the 13th century, and it still has something to say in current recipes, being one of the most favorite cheeses to season all kinds of pasta, rice, meat recipes, salads, mushrooms, fish or vegetables.

The specific aroma of the parmesan comes from the high levels of butyrate and glutamate (it seems that the Roquefort is the cheese with the highest level of glutamate ever, followed by Parmesan cheese).

Seasoning the bread with various ingredients is nowadays a common practice, in order to always level-up the quality, the taste, and the art of cooking. Various types of cheese are used, different kinds of oils, sauces, seeds, nuts. Honey and garlic are other variants. The Parmesan cheese bread recipe is a great and easy example of cooking something delicious, which includes tips for Italian traditional cooking.

This recipe of parmesan cheese bread serves 4, and this is what’s necessary: