Everyone seems to love pasta as so many dishes can be prepared using them. One of the best and tastiest pasta recipes developed is the traditional Milanese pasta recipe. Find out how you can cook this delicious Italian dish with ease.

Pasta Milanese is a dish that can easily be traced back to Italian cuisine as pasta is the main specialty of Italians. Italian cuisine has traveled around the world as people started to migrate and take with them the best recipes from their country. Being a very nutritious and nourishing dish, the Pasta Milanese will leave even the most pretentious gourmet addict impressed by its mouthwatering taste.

Because people like different types of pasta, you can use your favorite pasta. Pasta “penne” is the recommended pasta type for this recipe, and it is the pasta that restaurants use in their menu. It is best to use high-quality pasta in order for the pieces to have a well defined, strong definition even after boiling. Some pasta tends to ply and stick to each other, leaving a not so pleasant result visual wise.

The basic ingredients necessary for this recipe are:

The ingredients can be mixed together by taste and visual appreciation. For 1 pound package of pasta you can use 7 oz mushrooms, butter and ham, 1 pound of tomato sauce and 3 oz of pressed cheese. You don’t have to be exact with the ingredients, you can put more of your favorite ingredient and less of your least favorite, but this is a well balanced recipe.