As a musician, the subject of skincare tips in particular and natural skincare, in general, is not exactly music to your ears. When you have to practice your musical piece to sweet perfection, skin care takes a backseat especially when your recital is coming up.

But this should not be so because musicians are prone to a common skin condition known as contact dermatitis. It is characterized by rashes on the body particularly on the hands and face, said rashes of which come from contact with the metal and wooden materials of the musical instruments. Your recital performance will then be in jeopardy when you cannot play as well as you should because of the rashes.

Here are the best skin care tips that you must remember to avoid skin issues in your line of work.

Take a Break

When your skin starts to break out after playing on an instrument, you must take a break to determine if you have contact dermatitis or other skin diseases. You must also give your skin time to heal without the offending material worsening its condition.

While you are letting your skin rest, we suggest cleaning and disinfecting your musical instrument. Dirt, dust, and grime and even rust may be causing your skin to break out in rashes, hives, and pimples. Plus, letting your skin breathe is one of the most sensible natural skincare tips you will ever hear.

Moisturize Your Skin

Musicians and actors share many effective skincare tips, of which the most notable is moisturizing your skin more than non-artists. Your profession often requires being exposed to the harsh lights that contribute to dry skin, not to mention the makeup and the sweat during performances that clog the pores.

We suggest using an ultra-light moisturizer as often as possible. Heavy moisturizers tend to be sticky on the skin, which is undesirable when you have been under the bright lights for too long during the recital.

Other skincare tips that you must adopt are to trim your fingernails and use nail-nourishing products on them; get sufficient rest after rehearsals and recitals, and eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.