A correct and beautiful makeup doesn’t necessarily mean having a lot of imagination, but rather knowing what are the best things you can do in order to avoid serious noxious consequences on your skin and makeup. For a perfect appearance, you always have to look flawless without revealing imperfections, spots, or blemishes.

A well-done makeup made with good beauty products can last between 4 and 8 hours. So, you need to pay extra attention to the products you use and learn a few tips in order to avoid some of the most current mistakes women make when it comes to makeup.

1.Reapplying makeup

One of the biggest mistakes a woman makes is to apply foundation or blush over the morning makeup. Even if your makeup starts to wash away after 5 hours and foundation is less visible you don’t have to apply anything over.
This will be too heavy on your skin and encourage the impregnation of impurities into the epidermis leading to breakouts, acne, and clogged pores. Therefore, instead of helping your skin looking good, you will only make it feel worse. Moreover, your makeup will no longer have a natural appearance.

2.Uneven foundation

It is already known that for a natural and fresh look a foundation must match your natural skin complexion. But what is even more important is to pay a lot of attention when applying foundation, especially when this is too hard to blend. Evenness is the keyword and a mandatory rule in makeup.

Check well so that everything looks good on the neck, chin, nose, lip corner, and the ear area. As details can always make a difference, start at the forehead, and by circular moves make sure to evenly apply your foundation on the jawline, hairline, and other problematic areas. Always avoid applying too much foundation on pimples, scars, or dark circles under the eyes. Use instead of a good concealer before or after the foundation.

3.Inadequate light

Using the right light is important when applying makeup. When putting on makeup is crucial to come under natural light so you can be able to see exactly how blush, foundation or eyeshadow settled on your face and neck. A low light makeup might look natural, when in fact it can be too heavy or accentuated.

4.Wrong base cream

A base cream plays an essential supportive role as it holds and sets your makeup. Therefore, this is a special product that can help or ruin your makeup completely if it’s not selected and applied properly. Another common mistake is using the wrong face cream as a makeup base.
Because this type of cream has in general an oil base, your skin will have an oily appearance and foundation will not stay much on your face and the nose will shine all the time. In consequence, you need to be careful if your skin is oily or you deal with acne problems. Use a special cream for your face that can maintain the balance at the epidermis level.

5.Lip contour

Many women resort to lip contour for better defining them. Besides this aesthetic role, a lip liner is also practical as it keeps the color from bleeding. But, there are women who over-exaggerate in order to get fuller lips. That’s why applying lip liner is a tricky business that can make you look gorgeous or simply ridiculous. Always choose a shade of lip liner close to the color of the lipstick and avoid the strong contrast between the dark lip liner and light lipstick.
Always remember to apply lip liner before lipstick. Start from the center of the upper lip and draw an outline. Then, slowly go to the outer corners keeping the natural line.