It is important to know your skin type because of one very simple reason: beautiful skin. We all want beautiful skin but are afraid that we can never achieve the supermodel or actress look. Would you then be surprised if you were told that these celebrities have to do lots of touching up to look perfect every day of their lives!!

We are not celebrities but there is nothing stopping us from being able to look like them. If you are heavily into the use of cosmetics then…read on.

It is crucial to understand what your skin type is first, then to purchase your cosmetic product. It is true that most of us have no idea what our skin type is; oily skin, normal skin, acne-prone skin, or even a combination of two skin types. It is a fact that no two skins are exactly the same but with research over time, skin types have been grouped in the following general terminology. This is then in turn used by the cosmetic companies to sell their products. Generally speaking, your skin can either be normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin.
Let’s look in detail what the skin types are and how to care for these skin types.

Normal Skin Type

Baby skin is often described as normal skin. It is smooth and feels you are gliding your hand over a cloud or butter. The skin has a rosy colour and looks moisturised.

Normal Skin Care

If you have normal skin, then it is best to leave it normal if you must use makeup, try using light makeup. Also, ensure you wipe away the makeup before going to bed.

Dry Skin Type

Most of us come under this category. Our skin tends to be dry and this leads to the skin feeling taut even after a wash. The danger with dry skin and not doing anything about it is that it wrinkle prone and ages prematurely.

Dry Skin Care

If you have dry skin, then it is best to ensure that the skin is constantly hydrated and moisturised. Do not wash dry skin with cold water and soap. Also, do not use alcohol based creams and lotions as alcohol dries up the skin. Diets which are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and D should also be taken.

Oily Skin Type

Oily skin is defined as skin which is shiny, thick and coarse. This skin type needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

Oily Skin Care

Those with oily skin need to ensure that they only use cosmetics which are specifically made for oily skin. Cleansing the pores by facial steaming once a week is effective in removing the greasy look on the face.

Combination Skin Type

Many of us have combination skin. This means that part of the face may be dry and the other part may be oily. Or the bottom of the face is dry and the upper part is normal.

Combination Skin Care

If you have combination skin, there are ways to look after it and ensure you balance both the skin types but at the same time look good and achieve beautiful skin. Use a mild cleaner on your entire face. Also ensure you use a good moisturiser on the dry areas of the face. Look for products which contain ingredients which can normalize the skin. This will remove the dead skin cells and give you a younger appearance. These ingredients are normally derived from fruit, milk and sugar cane. Most importantly, do not forget to use sunscreen.

Once you are able to identify your skin type, you will be able to combat your skin conditions much better and aim for the beautiful skin you have dreamt of.